Laptop Data Storage

Often Corporate users demand who is connected to LAN Networks use their laptops in different locations, so that they can work at any location and have access to their corporate network when they are outside the office. They use Laptops when they are traveling or when they are working from home.

Risk: This makes their laptops extra vulnerable as laptops are prone to theft, also susceptible to shakings as a result the risk of data (Hard Disk and other sensitive components can be damaged).Because of this vulnerability makes it extra important to have a Laptop Notebook backup strategy.
Laptop Notebook Backup can be made to a local sever in the office. However this is seldom implemented as it's not always practical to do in today's busy environment.

Laptop to the LAN Network either directly or by docking it can transfer the Data to Local backup server or while attaching any removable device.

An alternative way is to take the backup to a writeable CD-ROM or DVD which is often installed on new laptops.

There are two methods to take the backup of Laptops : Full Computer Backup and Partial Backup.